Finnish Music Quarterly 1 / 2010, MA

There´s what appears to be a Klami saxophone concerto – Three Pieces – nestling in the middle of Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo´s third anthology of Finnish saxophone concertos. In the event, it turns out to be movements with saxophone solos that Tuomisalo has excerpted from other works: the Sérénades joyeuses, Symphonie infantine and Blood Wedding. Set six tracks in, the quality of these Klami pieces distinguishes them in their generally light-music company.
The other two serious pieces come at the end: the Ballad in Five Movements (1999) by Markus Fagerudd (b. 1961) and the Concerto (2005-6) by Christian Holmqvist (b. 1974), though both are stronger on atmosphere than formal procedure. But is that a didgeridoo in the background of the Fagerudd?